Food eruption in the microwave?

Does the inside of your microwave look like something from a science fiction movie with crusty globs, comprised of layers from each of the last few meals?

A free and easy way to clean without all the chemicals, water.  How?

Easy ~ fill a small microwave safe dish (I like glass)  with a cup or two of water.  Place in the microwave and cook until boiling and then a little more.  About 3 – 4 minutes, although microwave times do vary.  Let it sit for a minute or two so the steam soaks the globs.

small water dish in microwave

Carefully remove the dish using a hot pad or oven mitt.  Air can be trapped and bubble when you move the dish, I’ve had it happen.

With a damp sponge or cloth wipe down the inside of the microwave.  If it cools down or you have some stubborn spots just heat the water again.

You can also spray and wipe down with white vinegar along with the water technique for an added boost.