No more tears ?

Do you cry when you cut onions? Doesn’t everyone?

You could use dehydrated onions as a substitute (*truth be told, I do add in some dishes just because PapaS doesn’t mind a little flavor but doesn’t like onions)

Dehydrated aside I also heard you can cut the onion under water.  I haven’t tried this because, well it makes me nervous.  The idea of water and a knife seems slippery and easy to have a mishap.

Years ago I started helping at a dinner fundraiser for the Auxiliary I belong to.  The ladies would spend days prepping for this dinner, part of which include chopping veggies.  As the newest helper I jumped in with a sweet lady Harriett.  She was as you guessed, cutting onion and no one else was helping saying their eyes teared to badly.  Harriett was sitting in a chair with an onion in one hand, pairing knife in the other and a pile of onions on the table.  From Harriett I learned the secret~

For fresh chopped onions with no tears follow these simple steps…

  • using a paring knife cut a cone out of the bottom of the onion (be careful) ~ you’re trying to get the center bulb out of the onion. Without getting too scientific, this contains the part with the most “oils” which contain the enzymes that are released and cause the tears.

no tears cutting this onion              the secret to no tears with an onion


  • after removing the bulb cut off the top, and now it’s easy to peel off the outer layer of papery skin
  • cut slices starting at the end and working to the top

no tears cutting this onion

  • hold the slices together, place the onion on end, slice again making chunks

chopping an onion with no tears

Done! Quick and should be no tears ?

chopped onion no tears



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