If young George only knew before he chopped the cherry tree

augustinegeorge_washingtonSo the story goes, young George Washington was having fun with his hatchet and chopped his Father’s favorite cherry tree.  When his Father found the tree and confronted George, young George cried “I cannot tell a lie”.  The story continues with his Father consoling young George saying telling the truth is worth more than a thousand trees.

So why the history lesson?  It goes well with cherries.

Yes the truth is worth more than a thousand trees.  That is saying a lot especially since the cherry tree produces one of my favorite fruits, cherries.

Not only are they delicious (I know I know people either love ’em or hate ’em) they are also super good for you!  Cherries fall into the Super Fruit category providing all kinds of healthy benefits.

  • cherriesAnti-Inflammatory ~ Cherries contain anthocyanins which help prevent free radical damage AND inhibit cyclogenease enzymes (Cox) which causes the inflammation response
  • Heart Health ~ Cherries are considered to be a significant source of quercetin which helps prevent heart disease
  • Sleep Aid ~ one of the highest natural sources for melatonin
  • Antioxidant ~ Quercetin, natural antioxidant also high amounts of Cyanidin also an antioxidant
  • Arthritis relief ~ thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties from the anthocyanins
  • Memory Booster ~ another thanks goes to the anthocyanins which are also good for the brain
  • Packed with Vitamins and Minerals ~ Cherries are a good source of Vitamin C & Vitamin A plus the minerals Copper (promotes tissue health) & Boron

With all the health benefits of cherries and their great taste what’s not to love!  Like most fruit and vegetables fresh is best however cherries have a short Summer growing season so in the off-season its juice or dried cherries for me.

Young George may have been having fun with his hatchet but I like to think older George grew the same fondness for cherry tree’s his Father had.


Relief for those sore and tired muscles

The age old adage to a good life ~ Work hard, play hard

Does your good life have you aching with tired or sore muscles?  Soak in an epsom salt bath.  Epsom salt can be found at most drug stores and grocery stores.  Add 1 cup of epsom salt for a smaller adult and 2 cups for a larger adult to a regular bath.  Soak for about 40 mins.  Why so long and how does it work?

Both magnesium and sulfate are found in epsom salt and can be readily absorbed through the skin.  Like a reverse osmosis process, the epsom salt will help pull the salt and toxins out of your body through the skin.  This takes about 20 mins.  Then your body can soak up the magnesium and sulfate which is the next 20 mins.

Epsom Salt

Magnesium helps reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and oxygenation.  The result is muscle relief.  Even if you’re not sore, regular epsom salt soaks just feel good and are good for you so relax, it does the body good!

soaking bath


An Apple A Day…..

An apple a day may keep the doctor away or so the saying goes.  Whether or not that’s true an apple burns more calories digesting than it contains.  So is the case with many other fruits and vegetables.

Zero Calorie Foods