Tomato tomahto


There’s just something rewarding about growing your own food.  When it comes to tomatoes I’ve learned a few things along the way.

A few hacks I’ve learned may be common knowledge but if you don’t have someone who’s grown tomato plants to fill you in, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Well ~ I hope you learn something new

Whether in a garden bed or container, these will apply

  • Transplant deep.  When you bury the plant, whether you started from seed or bought from a nursery, go deep.  The first two lower leaves should be in the ground.  This gives the plan stability and a boost to start the roots.
  • Give a lot of water right away!  Tomato plants are very susceptible to transplant shock.  Lots of water will help.
  • After a week or so mulch around the plant.  Tomato need moist soil, mulch will keep it from drying out.  Make sure not to water too much so it’s soggy, they can develop blight.
  • As the plant grows remove the suckers.  In the crook of the branch a new tomato plant sucker“branch” will develop.  This is a sucker and takes away from the growth of the plant and tomatoes.

Good luck with your tomatoes and feel free to share more tomato planting hacks, there’s a bunch more and we all learn from each other!