“Can you hear me now?”

Believe it or not, sometimes even those of us who fall under the Silver category know a thing or two about technology.  Even all this modern stuff ties back to old school principles.

If you only remember one thing from my ramblings remember this, it could save you hundreds of dollars!Can you here me now


As soon as possible turn off the power to the phone and leave it off until dry.  Immediately stopping the electrical current through the phone is the best chance for saving your phone.  This is not a guarantee, but the best chance you have.

The thing is electronics can get wet as long as they are dry when electricity flows through again.  Make sense?  Now bear in mind, unless purified, water contains minerals and deposits SO those will be left behind when the water dries.  The deposits may affect the electronic devices performance again, but if no current goes through the electronic device when wet the less chance of anything inside shorting out.

A reliable way to “dry” your cell phone or any electronic device ~ a bowl of rice, for a FEW days, not hours, days.  Maybe even a week really.

rice to dry your cell phone

Why?  The rice will help absorb the moisture so it dries faster than air drying.  Now in my years I have heard all kinds of crazy attempts to dry cell phones including in the oven, sitting on a furnace…  Guess what?  They melted.  The boards and such in cell phones and electronics are fragile, especially to heat.  With the rice, change it out or mix it around so the phone is in dry rice.

Now anything besides water like soda, adult beverages, juice, might be a different story.  The sugars and additives cause a real mess to electronics.

Going through the washing machine, well that’s just toast.  Sorry.

So aside from a limited understanding of electronics and years of hearing stories, how do I know this?  Experience!

  • Smart phone in the lake ~ it took a week to dry out (had a little flicker in the screen after that but still worked)
  • Digital camera in the river – this one took over a week
  • Bluetooth speaker in the rain, overnight – took a long time to totally dry but has worked great since.

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