Kitchen substitutions

There’s always that time when your full steam in the kitchen and out of a staple ingredient.  Although best to use what is recommended this list has been a go to for years~

Substitutions in the Kitchen


Bad water hair – lemon juice to the rescue

Minerals in your water, hard water, well water, tub and shower turning color?  This is so common and if you see it in the shower or fixtures, it’s in your hair.  Shampoo or conditioner buildup?  The salon can strip your hair, do a “Malibu” treatment or help you out somehow.

Just when you can’t stand it anymore the salon is booked or you don’t want to spend the extra cash grab the lemon juice.

Wash hair – soak hair with lemon juice for a few minutes (be careful for the eyes, it will sting)  – rinse – condition as usual – repeat as needed

Lemon juice helps remove the minerals and build up from hair products

lemon juice bottle


Measurement conversions

So you’re in the kitchen doubling a recipe or the garage mixing fuel and oil, wherever you are doing whatever you may be doing and you need to convert a measurement.  More than likely your hands are such that touching your phone, tablet or computer to look up the conversion would mean a $500+ trip to the store.

Have this handy ~

measurement conversions


Vinegar – the natural, original, miracle product


“How do I love thee, let me count the ways”  Ok, so maybe Shakespeare is a bit much but really there are at least 100 vinegar hacks.

I’ll start with just a few of my Health and Beauty favorites –

Sunburn relief it’s Spring and now is when it’s easy to forget the sunscreen.  Before you know it, SUNBURN.  OUCH! especially for the kids.  Not to worry, gently rub or mist vinegar on the sunburn.  Not only does it instantly cool the skin, the antiseptic properties in vinegar can kill germs and should help relieve the pain.

Cuticles – At home mani or pedi time? Soak the cuticles first in vinegar to soften.

Brushes –  There comes a time for all of us…. the brushes just need to be cleaned.  It’s easy to just through away and go buy a new one (ok, a toothbrush should be replaced frequently – every 3 – 4 months is recommended by the pro’s) however for those in between times ~

  • Toothbrush – mix white vinegar, water and a little baking soda.  Let your toothbrush soak for about 30 minutes.
  • Hairbrush – soak in white vinegar and rinse then just let it hang out and dry.
  • Make up brushes – mix together a little apple cider vinegar, couple drops of dish soap and hot water.  I use a mug so the brushes will stand up nice.  Let the brushes soak, you may have to give them a little swish to help get deep into the brush depending on what kind.  Rinse well and use a towel to blot out the excess water.  Let them dry overnight.

Healthy Insides –  (Legalese – I’m not a doctor) That being said, there are numerous claims a little Apple Cider Vinegar can have a number of health benefits.  If you make any ACV mixes be careful for those pearly whites, as an acid if left on the teeth it can deteriorate the enamel.  Outside of that, if it fits the bill a little each day they say (maybe use a straw)

  • Maintain a healthy pH balance
  • A healthy pH balance stimulates overall detoxification of the body
  • Reduce heartburn
  • Good for Lymphatic system by helping to reduce mucus and sinus congestion